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Organization chart
Eau Pure International is society composed by a team of 20 collaborators which have been working in France as well as in Africa, South America and Europe. Our society has more than 45 years in experience within the drinking- and wastewater treatment sector, at the service of small and medium municipalities as well as within industry sector.

With the goal of providing the best service to our customers, Eau Pure International owns 3 subsidiaries :

Our mission

Eau Pure International provides advanced technology which have been suited to every scenario : desert areas, rural communities, which guarantee a high quality service to its industrial customers.(mining sector, agri-food sector)

Our vision

Eau Pure International looks for serving its clients in every continent , providing reliable and profitable solutions within the drinking water ,wastewater treatment and renewable energy sector .

Our advantages

  • A group composed by highly trained and experienced professionals.
  • A constant support of the financial and research institutions.
  • Well-known partners which provide new projects and products
  • which are in constant evolution.
  • A subsidiaries network implanted in every continent.